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site by moodsoup & kern02

proces - product

process is as important as, or even more important than product. the process of design is no search for something fundamentally new, but a search for another application for something already existing. (architecture doesnít necessarily need to be beautiful!)

emo architecture

architecture inspired by emotions, involvement, art, sex, film, literature.
the user is no longer observer, but promoted being an actor and challenged to participate in the theatre mounted by dmva.

minimal maximalism

strongly detailed architecture in which maximalism will be accomplished in a minimalist way.

timeless architecture does not exist

a building, an interior is indissoluble connected to a certain moment in time.


'materiality' exceeds its literal meaning.
implicating not only a search for new applications of usual materials, but also stimulation of senses through scent, tactility, light, music, text, philosophy, film, ...

no style

why should you restrict yourself?